Therapeutic Massage. Aromatherapy. Reflexology.


Wishing you health and joy in 2018!

This January, take advantage of 20% off 60 minute massage sessions and complimentary aromatherapy, normally a $10 upgrade, for any session. 

A 60 minute massage will cost $96 (normally $120, add on $10 for aromatherapy); a $34 savings for you.

In aromatherapy, select essential oils are mixed with a carrier oil to facilitate relaxation, provide relief for sore muscles, ease inflammation, boost immunity and enhance mood. Essential oils are naturally produced in plants, woods and flowers and contain various constituents that provide healing benefits: it's plant medicine! There is an array of blends for you to choose from and I can assist you in picking one that will support you best.

This is a great opportunity to try aromatherapy if you've never used it.

Massage has physical and psychological benefits.

Immediate benefits such as temporary increase in local circulation which leads to oxygenation and nourishment of tight and painful tissues, and decrease in pain due to massage's analgesic effects are some powerful physical benefits.

But the release of endorphins and increase of dopamine and serotonin makes us feel emotionally calm and mentally relaxed. This may be even more beneficial for people with heavy stress in their lives.


Massage for maintenance.

 Wisely, people today are utilising holistic means such as excercise, healthy eating and meditation to maintain physical and mental health. Massage therapy takes it's place among these practices.

There are different approaches to a massage session. These would depend on your goals, both long-term and immediate, your lifestyle and your current state of health. I will work with you to determine the best course of your therapy with me.