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What's New?

Our February 2018 Aromatherapy Workshop was amazing. Thank you all for coming out! With double the attendees of our November workshop, we crafted personalized roll-ons and inhalers using custom blends of essential oils.  These tools work great as portable therapy for stress reduction, pain relief and for those who use pleasing fragrances as a mood booster.  Use at work, while traveling or for keeping Winter blues at bay. Our next workshop will be in April. Visit my Contact page to join the Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Workshop mailing list. This is a great opportunity to learn about aromatherapy and essential oils if you aren't familiar with them and their many benefits.

New Discount offering is 20% off any 2nd or 3rd (or 4th!) 60 minute massage within a one month period. Many of my regulars have been taking advantage of this. I hope this inspires you to keep up with your self care and maintenance. Clients who receive massage twice a month or more have reported long term benefits and permanent changes in chronic pain status.

New Products I am now offering CBD oil and cream add-ons for pain relief. If you're not familiar, CBD comes from hemp oil and is the non-psychoactive compound derived from Cannabis. Humans naturally have cannabinoid receptors that bind to CBD making it a useful pain relief tool. You will not get high from CBD oils and lotions. It will not show up on a standard drug test. These products also have menthol as an active ingredient, which is cooling making them great for joint pain. You can visit for more information on how these these products work. 

New Service  Aromatouch Technique is a gentle 30 minute treatment that utilizes 8 essential oils in a sequence, applied to the back and feet. The single oils and blends in this sequence were chosen to specifically counteract inflammation, boost immunity, and restore balance. This is a great adjunct to a 30 or 60 minute massage or reflexology treatment.

My new brochures are available. If you're local you can walk by the studio at 304 Columbus and grab one from the box out in front. Look for the splash of bright green with the deep blue lotus on the front! 

Massage has physical and psychological benefits.

Immediate benefits such as temporary increase in local circulation which leads to oxygenation and nourishment of tight and painful tissues, and decrease in pain due to massage's analgesic effects are some powerful physical benefits.

But the release of endorphins and increase of dopamine and serotonin makes us feel emotionally calm and mentally relaxed. This may be even more beneficial for people with heavy stress in their lives.


Massage for maintenance.

 Wisely, people today are utilising holistic means such as excercise, healthy eating and meditation to maintain physical and mental health. Massage therapy takes it's place among these practices.

There are different approaches to a massage session. These would depend on your goals, both long-term and immediate, your lifestyle and your current state of health. I will work with you to determine the best course of your therapy with me.